Social background of FAROE

FAROE works in close cooperation with more than 200.000 Afghans in Europe, European civil-society organizations such as Amnesty International, the EU parliament, some Universities and other entities working for refugees. FAROE tries to place Afghanistan in the political agenda of the European governments in order to attract more attention for the issues such as reconstruction and democratization of Afghanistan. In the same area's takes FAROE contact with the current Afghan government as well. For this purpose organizes FAROE annual conferences over the most challenging issues for Afghanistan.

Een gewelddadige erfenis en een blik op de toekomst van Afghanistan

Den Haag, 26 februari 2014



‘Afghaanse dodenlijsten’

Een gewelddadige erfenis en een blik op de toekomst van Afghanistan

te Nieuwspoort, Den Haag op 11 maart 2014

Geachte redactie,

Na de bloedige staatsgreep van april 1978, voerde de Democratie Volkspartij Afghanistan vooral in de jaren 1978 en 1979 een schrikbewind in Afghanistan. Dagelijks werden honderden burgers systematisch opgepakt en naar de gevangenis Pul-e-Charkhi en tientallen andere verhoor- en martelcentra van de geheime dienst gedetineerd. Na een paar dagen marteling, werden de gedetineerden in militaire polygoon van Kabul zonder enige vorm van proces geëxecuteerd. Op deze wijze verdwenen tienduizenden Afghaanse burgers spoorloos.

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No Love Lost: Afghan Woman Exposes Corrupt Judge's Unusual Offer

By RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan and Frud Bezhan

December 22, 2012

A senior judge has been convicted of bribery and fired from his position after a perversion of justice exposed the invasiveness of corruption within Afghan society.

Zahoruddin, a 65-year-old judge in the country's eastern Nangarhar Province, who like many Afghans goes only by one name, was convicted on December 19 of bribery and corruption charges stemming from a young woman's divorce case.

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Afghan Prisoner Accused Of Killing Wife During Conjugal Visit

By Bashir Ahmad Ghazali and Frud Bezhan

January 02, 2013

SAMANGAN, Afghanistan -- An Afghan prisoner serving 20 years for murdering his in-laws is now suspected of strangling his young bride during a conjugal visit.

Din Mohammad, who is serving his sentence at a prison in the northern Samangan Province, is accused by police of killing

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Afghan Villagers Hit Back Against Taliban

A group of angry Afghan villagers have got the Taliban scrambling after they mounted an unlikely rebellion against the insurgents in eastern Afghanistan -- and won.

Remarkably, the poorly-armed tribesmen, calling themselves the National Uprising Movement (NUM), have inflicted heavy casualties on the Taliban and succeeded in driving them out from scores of villages and several districts of Ghazni Province, a long-established militant stronghold.

The uprising, which has fed on the popular discontent with the Taliban’s brutal rule, has put the militants in an uncomfortable situation.

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Afghans Terrorized By Border Shelling As Blame Game Goes On

UNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Abdul Karim was inside when the first rocket struck, killing nearly everyone in a neighboring mud-brick house.

Many more rockets followed, raining down on the village as Karim and others fled for safety in the nearby mountains. Within minutes, it was over, but it was only a sign of what was to come.

Since that day in late June, crossborder rocket and mortar fire has continued to pepper villages in Kunar and Nuristan provinces, located along Afghanistan's insurgent-ridden northeastern border with Pakistan. Nearly 3,200 attacks have been recorded across five districts in Kunar alone, according to the provincial government.

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